Oakhill Preschool

Established in 1975 (as Jays Nursery School), Oakhill Education in Sandton, Gauteng / Johannesburg is situated directly opposite Lycee Jules Verne International School in Morningside 40.

Children between 2 and 5 years have separate playgrounds, with babies from 4 months having a safe separate area.  Daily routines are then managed according to their concentration span, with the youngest being more flexible.

We focus on concrete mathematical skills throughout the day, while language and reading skills are regularly enforced through play, story telling, dance and music.

Manners and gratitude are encouraged at mealtimes.  A healthy cooked lunch is included, however we suggest a snack be brought to school for the older groups, assisting with the transition to Primary School, as well as teaching children to share and for the aftercare children as an extra treat in the afternoons.

The school has a capacity for 60 children, with class sizes ranging from 12 – 18.

The school day begins at 08:30; although gates open from 07:00. Halfday tuition ends at 14:00, with aftercare running to 17:00